A pair of Watford kids have starred in a new Aardman animation and shared their love for a Sir David Attenborough documentary series.

The BBC has been spotlighting real viewers across the country for its new Things We Love series of unscripted videos.

The latest 30-second short, released today (April 5), features “a pair of mice from Watford” matching two local BBC viewers’ opinions on Planet Earth III, as animated by the studio responsible for Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

The mice argue over swimming in toxic brine and whether one really does like the nature programme.

“Why do we have to watch it? Because I don’t want to watch it – then I do want to watch it – then I just get dragged in,” one 'mouse' wonders.

In a ‘the making of’ video shared by Aardman Animations, director Rich Webber explained that the studio interviewed 50 people aged seven to 80 to find moments of "warmth and comedy" that came out of unscripted opinions.

The team had “no idea” what the interviewees looked like as he sketched out the characters and scenarios to animate alongside their words.