Cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building were concerns as a Watford takeaway received a 1/5 food hygiene rating.

Pizza Hot Express, at 99 Vicarage Road, was inspected by Watford Borough Council on March 13.

A rating showing that “major improvement” is necessary was published on the Food Standards Agency website yesterday (April 18).

Update: Pizza Hot Express is now rated 4/5 after an inspection on June 19.

Hygienic food handling was found to be ‘good’ and management of food safety ‘generally satisfactory’, however the takeaway was let down by its cleanliness and condition of facilities and building, according to inspectors.

It refers to aspects of food hygiene including layout, ventilation, hand washing facilities, and pest control. Pizza Hot Express was rated ‘major improvement necessary’ for the category.

Manager Ibrahim Yalabadi told the Watford Observer that a reinspection has already been arranged and that he expects the rating to be raised following this.

It comes just days after HK Roast Ltd, which operates both Mr Sushi and Panda Oriental at 97 Vicarage Road next door, had a 0/5 rating published following an inspection on March 11.

It became the only business in Watford to be currently rated a 0/5, meaning “urgent” improvement is necessary.