The town centre has no shortage of varied places to order fried chicken – but which is the best?

Watford Observer readers regularly comment on the number of chicken shops opening in the area and it can be hard to keep track.

It would be tough, and potentially not great for the health, for customers to visit every one to make an informed decision on where is best. Fear not, for this list compiles the best town centre chicken-focussed takeaways to try based on their Google reviews.

#1. Maeme’s Watford – 4.5/5

Recent reviews for Maeme’s have praised the “delicious food at a good price” available at its Clarendon Road location.

One review called it a “perfect” work lunch.

#2. Wingstop Watford – 4.4/5

Watford Observer: Queues outside Wingstop on opening day.Queues outside Wingstop on opening day. (Image: Wingstop)

Recent addition to the town centre, Wingstop, had customers queuing round the corner when it opened on March 30.

Since then, it has remained popular according to the 106 reviews it has already gathered.

#3. Wings Factory – 4.3/5

Wings Factory, in Watford Market, also has strong reviews.

It prides itself on offering “the sauciest buffalo wings in Watford” and customers found it “exceeded all expectations”.

Drawn #4. Cluckster Watford – 4/5

Watford Observer: Cluckster Watford.Cluckster Watford. (Image: Google Street View)

Cluckster, in King Street, holds its four-out-of-five rating from 113 reviews and quite a few of the recent reviews specifically picked out the good, friendly service it offers.

One customer labelled the dish they received "mouth watering".

Drawn #4. Max Peri Peri – 4/5

Watford Observer: Max Peri Peri.Max Peri Peri. (Image: Google Street View)

Market Street’s Max Peri Peri holds another even four out of five from 88 reviews.

People praised the “pleasant” ambiance as well as the food, service, and “reasonable” prices.