The Horns' brewery has confirmed it will be reopening again after its third “permanent” closure in three years.

At the end of last week, the Hempstead Road boozer and music venue shut down, removed its Facebook page and website, and cancelled a slew of upcoming gigs.

Furniture could be seen stacked inside and decorations were apparently taken down. It was even marked as “permanently closed” on Google and so former patrons were already mourning the loss of a beloved Watford venue.

However, the owner Stonegate has told the Watford Observer that the pub will be coming back.

A spokesperson said: “We're pleased to confirm that The Horns, Watford, will be reopening in the coming weeks, with a fresh direction under new management.

“The aim will be to enhance the pub experience overall, focusing on quality food and drink while maintaining its status as a valued community favourite.

Watford Observer: The Horns.The Horns. (Image: Stephen Danzig)

“We can't wait to welcome people back to the cherished local pub.”

In October 2022, The Horns’ management at the time announced it had closed “for the last time” before an “extraordinary” response from locals and meetings with Stonegate produced fresh hope it would be able to keep going.

At around the same time the following year, the management closed the pub again, admitting that it had “tried our hardest” but found running The Horns “completely unsustainable”.

It reopened in December last year under its most recent management. The pub then underwent refurbishment including a reworked bar, new flooring, and a redecoration in January and February.