Waitrose shoppers have been warned to check a common kitchen item after a product recall notice was issued.

The Food Standards Agency released a warning yesterday, April 24, that Salted Dairy Butter purchased from the supermarket, which has a branch in Rickmansworth, may be unsafe to eat.

The 500g packets of Essential Waitrose butter with a ‘best before’ date of June 19, 2024, may contain pieces of blue cloth, according to the trade body.

There will be notices placed in all stores which sell the product.

It is listed a "potential presence" so not all packets from every supermarket will contain the contaminant.

Anyone who bought the butter has been told not to eat it. Instead, the item should be repackaged and returned to a Waitrose branch for a refund.

Any customers with questions or concerns can contact Waitrose on 0800 188 884, clicking Option 4.