A Chorleywood pub has explained why it is no longer accepting cash after the news divided opinion online.

The Black Horse pub in Dog Kennel Lane posted on social media yesterday (April 30) that is is now card-only as cashing-up every night and depositing the money was costing it more time and money than it was worth.

Sally Parker, who has co-owned the pub with her sister since 2019, explained the decision could save staff around 12 hours of extra work a week and reduce labour costs.

Watford Observer: The Black Horse pub in Chorleywood is now card-only for the majority of bookings.The Black Horse pub in Chorleywood is now card-only for the majority of bookings. (Image: The Black Horse)

The 47-year-old originally from Chorleywood said: "It's a big decision and one we've not taken lightly whatsoever.

“We have no problem with people paying with cash, but there has to be a point financially where it's not viable and you say we just can't keep doing this.

“The customers that come in the pub don't have an issue with it,” Sally said. “We take so little cash that really hardly anyone is paying by cash anyway.”

The news was met with mixed reactions online as one resident raised concerns over potential power outages, while another said: “I’m sorry but to refuse cash payment is wrong as I think a cashless society needs to be stopped.”

But others supported the business's decision, with one calling it a "great idea" while another said: “Good for you guys, you’ve got to do what works best for the business."

The Black Horse owner added that NatWest closure in Rickmansworth in February now meant waiting in “very long queues” at the Post Office in order to regularly collect and deposit the money.

Sally explained that it is currently “very, very difficult” to make money in hospitality and that the decision to go cashless will also help the business elsewhere.

Its insurance provider currently charges a premium if money is kept on the premises, while there were also concerns about some money going missing.

“We still encourage people to give our staff cash tips and we still use cash personally,” Sally added. “But there has come a tipping point, and we do believe this will be a very, very positive thing to everybody for our business.”

People who have booked before yesterday can still pay in cash, and customers who do not have a bank card have been urged to contact the pub beforehand.