Watford and the surrounding areas have plenty of picturesque walking trails to enjoy - so we have compiled four great circular options for you to try.

Most are a couple of miles long and take between one and three hours while taking in some of the beautiful green spaces on our doorstep.

Here are some to try based on recommendations from the online walking guide and recommendation site, AllTrails

4 circular walks to try around Watford 

Cassiobury Park and Harrocks Wood Circular.Cassiobury Park and Harrocks Wood Circular. (Image: AllTrails)

Cassiobury Park and Harrocks Wood Circular

Length: 7.4km

Estimated time of completion: 1 hour 52 minutes (average)

The Cassiobury Park and Harrocks Wood Circular Walk is popular for hikers, camping and those that enjoy birding.

Taking you through the local woodlands, you get to enjoy views of the forest and in the warmer months, there are plenty of plants and flowers in bloom.

Much of the path is flat, making it ideal for everyone, and along the walk, there are serval picnic spots to relax.

One local who tried the walk said: "It’s fun trail, to the people who live close to Cassiobury. Enjoyed the sunny day!! Might do it again :)."

Oxhey Woods CircularOxhey Woods Circular (Image: AllTrails)

Oxhey Woods Circular

Length: 4.5km

Estimated time of completion: 1 hour 5 minutes (average)

Oxhey Woods is said to be an easy route that's ideal for hiking, mountain biking and running where you are unlikely to meet others, dogs are also welcome on the route but must be kept on a lead.

Described by AllTrails as a "fantastic choice for a memorable experience in nature", the walk has a mixed terrain.

Along the route there are a variety of tree types and some small animals, however, it can get muddy at certain times of the year.

One walker said: "You can follow the blue "long walk" markings. Extremely muddy in a lot of places so pick appropriate footwear!"

River Colne and Munden Estate CircularRiver Colne and Munden Estate Circular (Image: AllTrails)

River Colne and Munden Estate Circular

Length: 5.6km

Estimated time of completion: 1 hour 49 minutes (average)

This moderately challenging route is perfect for running, walking and hiking and it's open all year round where dogs are welcomed off lead in some areas.

Taking you through Munden Estate and along River Colne, the trail starts from the Timberlake Car Park, heading around the Rugby Club and joining the Colne Valley Cycle Route, leading ou along the edge of woodland and the Munden Estate.

One local who did the walk for themselves said: "Nice scenery but part of the trail is along the road, be prepared for the mud and you can hear the motorway in the background but I'm glad we did it!"

Cassiobury Park to FlaundenCassiobury Park to Flaunden (Image: AllTrails)

Cassiobury Park to Flaunden

Length: 30.1 km

Estimated time of completion: 8 hour 23 minutes (average)

This longer walk is not for the faint-hearted, taking just over eight hours to complete you can walk the path or hike, run and bike along it.

Open all year round, the path is described as a "pleasant countryside trail taking in a mix of farmlands and woodlands".


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Through the walk, you can enjoy the likes of Dolly's Wood, the River Chess, Flaunden Grove, Lower Plantation, Woodmans Wood, Chipperfield Common, and the Grand Union Canal.

One recent walker said: "Lovely trail with a mix of fields, forest and the end is along the canal. Hardly any hills and the few that there are, aren’t steep.

"Think it’s listed as hard because it’s so long. We did this in 7h, including a 30 min break and found it challenging in length but overall really enjoyable."