Residents were once again disturbed by the sound of a “ridiculous” number of helicopters overhead yesterday.

British fans will have been glued to their screens as Lewis Hamilton recovered from the “bottom of the barrel” to end his 945-day winless streak at the British Grand Prix (July 7), but even those with no interest in the sport in Watford will have known something was going on because of how many helicopters were overhead.

Several shared confusion on social media over how the "ridiculous" amount of choppers could be travelling above their homes in one day, while others explained that they were used to it by now as it happens every year for the event.

One Carpenders Park resident said flights “every two minutes” ruined a rare chance to enjoy the sunshine in their garden, another family added that it was "driving us mad", while a person from Oxhey said they felt “as if I'm on a helicopter flight path”.

The 2024 British Grand Prix took place at Silverstone Circuit, in Northamptonshire, meaning that, for shuttles from London, Watford very much is on the flight path.

Around 160,000 were expected to attend the event including many big names, who may have been in the choppers passing over southwest Hertfordshire.

Phillip Schofield was pictured getting out of a helicopter with his family near the track while fellow celebrities seen at the event included Brad Pitt, Rowan Atkinson, Jeremy Clarkson, Gordon Ramsay, Javier Bardem, and Stuart Broad.

Those upset by the noise in Watford can at least take solace in the fact that they did not get the worst of it.

The Daily Mail spoke to the people in the village of Silverstone itself, for an article published last week, who said that noise left them feeling like “prisoners in their own homes”.