Families left homeless by a devastating fire in Watford on Saturday were all given emergency accommodation, the mayor has confirmed.

Three houses in Bradshaw Road were left severely damaged after a fire reportedly spread from an embankment near a railway line into more than a dozen back gardens.

Fences, sheds, gardens, and even homes were left burnt out following the blaze but fortunately there were no casualties.

Watford Observer:

Kyle's house after the fire

But Kyle Gibbs, who lives with his gran Theresa in Bradshaw Road, told the Observer earlier today they had "lost everything" in the fire.

Since Saturday, he and fellow affected residents have been staying at hotels following support from Watford Borough Council and the British Red Cross.

Peter Taylor, mayor of Watford, has given the following statement today: "Although the fire has caused a large amount of damage, as ever our overriding concern was for the safety of residents.

"I am really grateful for the response of our emergency services and that no one was injured. We were able to provide emergency accommodation for everyone and we will continue to support them after what was undoubtedly a traumatic experience.

"Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire Police and British Red Cross reacted so quickly to this. All our thoughts are with those affected by this fire and we will continue to do all we can to help them."

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Dozens of gardens were taken out by the fire

The council says it is working out the ongoing emergency accommodation requirements for all those affected by the fire.

It is also contacting the various private sector landlords and agents responsible for the properties to understand their intentions in terms of when their tenants can return to their homes or how they will rehouse their tenants (if possible).

Meanwhile, Callowland councillor Ian Stotesbury, who lives in Lowestoft Road, close to the scene of the fire has praised the community spirit displayed by Bradshaw Road neighbours on Saturday after the fire broke out.

He said: "When I arrived at around 3pm, there were people leaving houses, including children.

"People were unsure about pets so we sorted some cat carriers just as the fire and police were sectioning off the area.

"Residents were consoling each other, helping to shelter pets and vulnerable people.

"One resident bought bottles of water in a trolley and began giving them out to neighbours and the emergency services.

"The Wishing Well managers handed out iced cola."

More than 60 firefighters attended the incident and a command unit was set up in St Albans Road.

Watford Observer:

Fire engines in St Albans Road

Watford Observer:

A cordon in Bradshaw Road. Credit: Cllr Asif Khan

Cllr Stotesbury continued: "The fire expanded and more firefighters jumped in and people stayed out of their way.

"Tragically, some households were severely affected but I'm pleased to say those residents were brilliantly supported by the Red Cross and myself and council colleagues were able to respond quickly.

"Thanks once again to the residents and shops who rallied to help, and the fire, police and paramedics for such a quick response."

North Watford county councillor Asif Khan was also down at the scene on Saturday speaking to affected residents and he continued to remain in touch with them.

He has also reiterated his thanks to the "bravery and courage" shown by the firefighters.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.