A man who stole £587 worth of perfume and portable speakers while serving a suspended sentence has been jailed.

Paul Yates, of Rosslyn Road in Watford, took the perfume from the town’s Next last Thursday (June 16).

The 48-year-old also stole portable speakers, mini de-humidifiers and food worth £105 from B&M on May 24.


He nabbed the perfume while serving a suspended sentence, which was issued after he stole several items worth £140 including three multi-functioning power tools in June 2020.

Yates, who was described in legal papers as having “a flagrant disregard for court orders”, was sentenced after pleading guilty at St Albans Magistrates’ Court last week.

He was given 16 weeks’ prison, which included 12 weeks for the perfume theft and four more for the B&M offence.

He was also ordered to pay a £120 fine, £122 victim services surcharge, £85 costs and £105 compensation – taking the total to £432.

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