Two Chinook helicopters have been recorded flying over Watford.

A video emerged yesterday afternoon (June 21) reportedly showing them heading north-west over Cassiobury Park.

The advanced multi-mission helicopters were also spotted later in the evening flying back over west Watford at around 7pm.

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A spokesperson for the Royal Air Force (RAF) has today told the Watford Observer that they were on their way to a training exercise in East Anglia.

They said: “Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters, from 27 Squadron based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, were transiting across the Watford area on their way to an exercise in East Anglia where they were participating in operational training with ground-based units.”

Last year a Chinook was also spotted in Watford where paratroopers were seen jumping from the helicopter.

It was spotted flying towards Merchant Taylor’s School in Moor Park on Thursday, June 10 at around 2pm.

RAF Chinooks are described as 'an advanced multi-mission helicopter' and can carry vehicles, artillery pieces or up to 44 troops.

Equipped with a cargo system, it can haul 12,000kg of equipment and is capable of a maximum speed of 187mph.

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