A set of bins where rats were repeatedly recorded scurrying around have been cleared after the council took another look.

Skylar Kelly filmed the rodents in Wellstones behind High Street, Watford, after previous footage showed them near the same spot. 

Watford Borough Council had said it believed there was no issue but after it confirmed there would be a reinspection the bins were cleared yesterday.

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Skylar, who lives above the site, said: “It is ridiculous how disgusting it is down there.

“Hopefully the bins will be emptied more regularly, and they will keep on top of jet washing the floor to minimise rats and flies.”

Deputy mayor Aga Duchton said: “This particular area is regularly visited and will continue to be, we are working with businesses and property owners to make sure they do what they can to prevent attracting the rodents.

Watford Observer: Bins during and after cleaning Picture: Skylar KellyBins during and after cleaning Picture: Skylar Kelly

“In this case, we have not found an infestation when we visited the site, but the investigation will continue.

“Unfortunately, rodent activity in all urban areas is a reality.”