A dedicated cycle lane at Cassiobury Park has been scrapped in a bid to make the park safer for visitors.

The dividing white line on the path to the Cha Café has been removed in order to make it a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Watford Borough Council hopes this will encourage riders to slow down and lower the risk of walkers being struck.

It comes after a woman was badly hurt after she was hit from behind by two teenagers on the same bike in March this year.

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Watford Observer: Cycling in Cassiobury Park. Credit: Watford Borough CouncilCycling in Cassiobury Park. Credit: Watford Borough Council

Developed in consultation with Friends of Cassiobury Park, the shared path scheme means some paths are no longer barred for use by cyclists. The scheme will be kept under review.

Other work includes repainting markings, improving signage, and repairing surfaces.

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The council is also working with Watford Cycle Hub to educate people on how to ride safely in the park.

A taster cycling skills session will be held from 1.15pm until 4pm on July 26 near the Cha Café and bandstand.

Watford Observer: Cycle training at Cassiobury Park. Credit: Watford Borough CouncilCycle training at Cassiobury Park. Credit: Watford Borough Council

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: “The works and training courses in Cassiobury Park are all part of keeping the network safe to use for cyclists and pedestrians, but will also hopefully encourage more people to walk and cycle in the long term.”

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