Hertfordshire’s police chief has responded to a petition calling for more officers in Watford town centre.

Earlier this month Watford's mayor Peter Taylor called on Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd to boost High Street officer numbers.

Mr Lloyd has responded by saying he is "glad that the mayor agrees with my policy of increasing the number of police officers in Watford and across the county".

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He continued: “There are now more officers in Hertfordshire than at any time in the history of the force, and it is continuing to grow.

Watford Observer: Police and Crime Commissioner David LloydPolice and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd

“Legislation prevents police and crime commissioners from directing individual policing operations, this rightly remains a decision of the Chief Constable.”

However, the Mr Taylor said he still felt Mr Lloyd could do more to prioritise the high street and push recruitment.

The mayor said: “The commissioner’s role is to make strategic decisions.

Watford Observer: Watford mayor Peter TaylorWatford mayor Peter Taylor

“While it would be inappropriate for him to direct individual operational decisions, prioritising police resources to areas of high need, including Watford town centre, fits with this role.

“The latest figures, which come from the police themselves, show a shortfall of officers compared to their recruitment target.”

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