The sight of actual figures for our energy bills after the 80 per cent price cap rise was sobering reading.

Gas and electricity bills for a typical Watford house will rise from around £2,010 per year to approximately £3,780, according to Government figures.

Many people are already finding it hard. The energy price cap went up by 54 per cent in April, from October 1 it will go up by 80 per cent. Even if people have not noticed it on their heating bill over the summer, it has been reflected in rising prices for food and everyday goods.

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People seem reluctant to speak about it openly, but Watford Citizens Advice this week said the number of calls it had taken about debts on energy bills had risen by 72 per cent.

Then Watford Foodbank issued an urgent plea for donations.

Manager Andrew Tranter admitted he was not sure how it would end, saying: “I have spoken to people who say they can’t sleep thinking about how they are going to pay for food and energy.

“I don’t think people are unaware, but they may not be aware how many people are unable to have two pennies to rub together."

The winter will be colder and inflation is predicted rise to 18 per cent. Even people who had been getting by with a little to spare may get into difficulties.

If you can help, do. Donate money, food, clothes, time, whatever you can spare. Don't judge - share advice, pass on tips.

The pandemic may be all but over, but we are still all in this together.