Remodelling for Watford’s “unsightly and unsafe” storage depot is set to address “health and safety and antisocial activity risks”.

The Paddock Road site, made up of a mix of garages and sheds in Oxhey, has been described as “in a dilapidated state” which Watford Borough Council says has attracted antisocial behaviour and vandalism.

As part of upcoming works, expected to start in late January and last for five to six weeks, the buildings will be knocked down and waste and unwanted materials will be removed.

Watford Observer: Paddock Road depotPaddock Road depot (Image: Google Earth/Watford Borough Council)

The site will continue to be used to for storage. Material from highways, public realms, and parks projects is set to be stored at the site, with maintenance and construction work to benefit from improved access to materials.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: “The main focus of the project is to address the health and safety, and antisocial activity risks posed by the old, dilapidated building structures and services.

“This will involve the removal of any unwanted or waste materials and general cleaning up of the site.”

“The work will also make security improvements, improve the way in which our materials are stored and managed, and make sure that the work on site protects the important local ecology.”

The council added that the planned work is expected to deliver environmental and social benefits for the local area through removal of the “unsightly and unsafe” buildings, as well as improved security and improvement in the general appearance of the site.

A licenced ecologist will oversee the development to ensure is carried out in accordance with completed ecology reports.

The council explained that fencing will be constructed to separate off the work site from sections of ecological value, as parts of the “ecologically sensitive site” contain a “significant” great crested newt and invertebrate population.

To prevent the works causing additional traffic, the existing access from Upper Paddock Road through the allotments will be used during and after the development.

The development will be led by Beecroft Demolition Ltd, with a scheduled completion date of early March.