Despite objections, expansion at a Watford waste site is set to go ahead.

Hertfordshire County Council has approved PB Donoghue’s planning application to make changes at its site in Colne Way, near The Dome roundabout.

This includes increasing the waste processing throughput from 75,000 tpa (tonnes per annum) to 200,000 tpa - around the weight of 20 Eiffel towers.

Watford Observer: Cllr Tim Williams, Cllr Steve CavinderCllr Tim Williams, Cllr Steve Cavinder (Image: Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats)

The plans also sought to expand its existing processing shed and remove a baling shed for the construction of a vehicle workshop.

After the plan was approved at a council meeting on February 24, Liberal Democrat councillors who had raised concerns in the meeting said they were “disappointed and upset”.

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County councillor Steve Cavinder said: “Whilst mitigation measures will be in place to cover the large increase in tonnage I still have serious environmental concerns in regards to noise and dust from the site.

“I'll be working with council officers and Donoghue's themselves to address any potential environmental health breaches and to make sure the conditions attached to the application are met.

Another Liberal Democrat councillor, Tim Williams, voted against the application. He said that he is “very much concerned” about traffic and highway implications at the “maxed out” Dome roundabout.

The council received 27 complaints from members of the public with concerns over noise, dust covering cars and windows, house prices, pollution, pests, smell, and congestion.

There were also calls for the site to be relocated to a less populated area, away from local schools.

There were conditions to the approval, and these seek to address the potential impact of the site on the environment and those nearby.

Watford Observer: The site, in Colne WayThe site, in Colne Way (Image: Google Street View)

Following concerns from Watford Borough Council PB Donoghue submitted further information, including changes to the design which apparently mean noise levels for people nearby will actually be lower than they are now.

Following assessment, council officers reported that construction activities will present a “negligible risk” for human health and smell from the site is unlikely to have a significant adverse effect.

The Highway Authority concluded that The Dome roundabout could see up to 5% more traffic.