Driving at a "constant" speed of 120mph for a fifth of a mile has landed a Watford motorist a £534 bill.

Naveed Ghazanfar has admitted to driving way over the 70mph speed limit anti-clockwise on the M25 near Brentwood.

A calibrated speedometer showed that the 41-year-old’s Toyota had maintained the constant 120mph speed for a fifth of a mile, which would still only have been six seconds.

It was recorded at 11.23pm on March 19 last year.

On February 23, Colchester Magistrates’ Court fined Ghazanfar, of Benskin Road, Watford, £385 and he was ordered to pay costs and a victim services surcharge totalling £149.

His driving record was endorsed with six points.

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Also in court

Earlier this week the Watford Observer reported that another driver, Taver Y Abbas, 28, was ordered to pay £906 for hitting 117mph on the M1 in Barnet at 10.03am on June 17, last year.

Abbas, of Churchfields Road, Watford, admitted to the charge in Willesden Magistrates’ Court on February 20.

His driving record was endorsed with six points.