TV star Jennifer Aniston has relived the moment she pranked Watford-born radio presenter Chris Stark – leaving fellow actor Adam Sandler chuckling.

Aniston was being interviewed along with Adam Sandler on Capital Breakfast ahead of the release of their new film Murder Mystery 2.

But the chat took an interesting turn when the Friends actor was reminded of when she tricked Chris Stark nine years earlier.

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Aniston got the better of Stark while plugging Horrible Bosses 2 by giving him “the worst interview ever” – where she pretended to be offended by every question he asked.

Presenter Sian Welby tells her: “One of the reasons I’m doing this interview and not my co-host Chris Stark is because, Jennifer, he’s actually still terrified of you.”

Aniston’s jaw drops, before racking her brains and seemingly remembering the “really sweet” Watford FC fan.

@capitalofficial #jenniferaniston pranked @Chris Stark nine years ago and she still feels bad about it 🙃 #murdermystery2 #adamsandler #prank ♬ original sound - Capital

Sian continues: “He gave you this little Watford shirt he wonders if you still have the shirt.

Anniston replies: “I’m sure I do. I’m not one to throw things away," before going on to ask: “Has he recovered from the prank? Which I hated doing by the way.”

Sandler, no stranger to a joke himself, then asks for an explanation of what she did – which leaves him open-mouthed and laughing.

Sian adds: “You were brilliant, Jen, but he was obviously mentally scarred from it, so we’re helping him through.”