There are no plans for safety measures at a junction after a hit-and-run, despite calls for action.

A child was hit by a car at 3.04pm on March 24, at the junction of the A405 and Horseshoe Lane.

They were taken to Watford General Hospital for treatment for a lower limb injury, but the driver didn’t stop.

After the crash, locals described the junction as “lethal”, “such a dangerous crossing”, and “scary”.

Some called for new safety measures such as a speed camera, adding that it was a particular concern because many children use it on their walk to multiple local schools.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We’re sorry to hear about this incident and we hope the child involved is recovering well.

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“We don’t currently have any plans for a safety scheme at this junction as there have only been four injuries reported in the last five years, which is low for such a busy junction.”