A dog attack reduced walkers to tears after a couple's pet was left with "horrifying" injuries.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has confirmed they received a report of a “dangerous out of control dog” in Oxhey Road, Watford, at around 3.30pm to 4pm on April 9.

The smaller dog, a Pomeranian, was taken to the vets and its owners said they were shocked by the injuries when a vet shaved the wounded area.

Watford Observer: The Pomeranian that was bittenThe Pomeranian that was bitten (Image: Contribution)

The wife, who was walking two Pomeranians, said that the attack was “vicious” and “unprovoked” as the larger, brown and white dog pulled its lead out of the hands of a boy and locked its jaws on their pet.

Her husband said: “It would not let go despite me and my wife hitting it on the head and trying to kick it. The owner was tugging its body also but it would not release.

“For a split second it let go, bit my hand, and went back gripping our small dog in its mouth.

“My wound was not terrible and I do not believe the dog got me with all its mouth as I would have been a lot worse.

Watford Observer: The Pomeranian's injuries The Pomeranian's injuries (Image: Contribution)

“Eventually, after maybe a minute, the dog let go as we were still hitting it. We managed to get our dog away and my wife was crying and just wanted to get our dogs home.”

They added that the dog's owner, who had given a boy the lead while she picked up dog mess, said nothing like that had happened before. The boy was apparently also in tears and apologetic.

The couple say they initially held back from reporting the incident to police, but after seeing the injuries they decided it “could be a problem” in the future as they thought it might be a pit bull-type dog.

Their Pomeranian is on heavy medication and recovering, with vets saying it should be fine as long as internal bleeding does not occur.

Police asked anyone with further information to call 101, quoting crime reference number 41/29249/23.

Watford Observer: The Pomeranian's injuries The Pomeranian's injuries (Image: Contribution)