Residents claim a fridge that turned up dumped in their drive was left by the same fly-tippers caught on video the same day.

At around 1.55pm on April 10, CCTV footage in Silk Mill Lane, Watford, showed a car with its boot wedged open by rubbish driving past before parking.

Two men got out and dragged out what appeared to be mattresses or rugs, and potentially various other rubbish.

After seeing this, neighbours living in Redwood Close, South Oxhey, told the Watford Observer the same thing happened under an arch by their home on the same day.

Watford Observer: The fridge after being moved to the side in Redwood Close The fridge after being moved to the side in Redwood Close (Image: Contribution)

They shared their own CCTV footage which shows a car with the same number plate driving up outside and then reversing away after a man looked at the camera, in the morning .

The footage does not show the car dumping any rubbish but a Redwood Close resident, who did not want to be named, said that a fridge was then found blocking cars from getting through the arch.

It was moved before photos of it were taken and the fly-tip was then reported to Three Rivers District Council.

After the first video was shared one person claimed to have seen a similar looking car being driven up to a skip in their road, before rubbish was dumped in it the day before (April 9), and they shared an image.

Watford Observer: The car that neighbours claim is the same vehicle from Silk Mill RoadThe car that neighbours claim is the same vehicle from Silk Mill Road (Image: Contribution)

A Three Rivers District Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of a reported incident of fly-tipping on Silk Mill Road.

“Officers are currently investigating and will take appropriate action.”

Today (April 17) Three Rivers District Council told the Watford Observer it is also aware of the “additional incident”, and it is investigating, adding that it cannot confirm anything more at this time.

The woman who shared the first video said: “It is ridiculous and shame on those people. I wish they receive a proper penalty.”

Watford Observer: The rubbish being 'dumped' in Silk Mill RoadThe rubbish being 'dumped' in Silk Mill Road (Image: Contribution)

Another person who saw the video said: “I just don’t understand why they don’t take it to the tip. It’s free of charge and they’ve got a car to take it there.”

Others called the footage “absolutely disgusting”, “uncalled for”, and “vile”.