An explosion of "disgusting" algae covering Watford town centre's pond has left shoppers "shocked" - but what is being done about it?

A picture taken today (May 30) shows the dead green algae floating on the surface of the water in High Street.

Locals described it as “disgraceful” and “absolutely disgusting”, adding that they had “never seen it look so uncared for”.

Watford Observer: The algae in Watford Town PondThe algae in Watford Town Pond (Image: Stephen Danzig)

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: “We know the warm weather and sunny days have resulted in a spurt in algae growth in the town centre pond.

“The pond has a very effective ultrasonic system that kills unwanted algae and this together with regular manual skimming of the dead algae helps maintain the water clarity, which is good for plant and animal life.

“Any green algae seen floating on the surface is dead and needs removing, which we are doing on a regular basis during the summer months.”

He added that the pond’s fountains will be replaced "in the next few weeks" with the goal of improving water circulation and aeration to help limit the algae growth.

Watford Observer: The algae covering Watford Town PondThe algae covering Watford Town Pond (Image: Stephen Danzig)

Large amounts of algae can harm a pond by shading out other plants and lowering available oxygen for invertebrates, fish and other pond life, according to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.