Work is underway to knock down a damaged building that became “a target for antisocial behaviour and vandalism”.

Watford Borough Council has decided to get the Lemarie Centre demolished, with photos taken on Friday (June 2) showing work by contractor DDS Demolition now taking place.

Charities Playskill and Watford Mencap moved out of the Lemarie Centre last year and into the former Nascot Lawn building in Langley Road, Watford, leaving the building vacant.

Update on the building's future here

Watford Observer: Lemarie Centre demolition workLemarie Centre demolition work (Image: Stephen Danzig)

According to background information given on the council website: “The property has reached the end of it's economic and physical life and would require substantial cost to refurbish and bring back into use.

Watford Observer: The Lemarie Centre after suffering damageThe Lemarie Centre after suffering damage

“It is a target for antisocial behaviour and vandalism whilst it remains in situ.”

Watford Borough Council, which owns the building, has been contacted for more information on the site’s future. Update here.

Watford Observer: The initial response to the fire.The initial response to the fire. After the charities moved out, leaving the building vacant, six fire engines responded to a fire at the Lemarie Centre in March last year.

The fire was recorded as arson but police confirmed all lines of enquiry were exhausted with no suspects identified.

It then suffered damage from “serious flooding” in the basement in December 2022.