There are only days left to purchase items from a family-run store that has been open in Watford for nearly 38 years.

Sweet Time in High Street will close on June 29, having been opened since August 1985.

The store is set to close because the landlord has asked for the unit back and now the owners have decided it is time to retire.

Watford Observer: The store has been open since August 1985The store has been open since August 1985 (Image: Newsquest)

Harry Kapuria, 42, who is the owner’s son, told the Watford Observer that customers “have assumed we are moving to another premises, but we aren’t, once business is over, we are out”.

He said: “It’s quite sad to be honest. It’s been in the family for a long time.”

Harry and his brother, who both work at the store, have been helping their parents since they were children, at the weekends, bank holidays and summer holidays.

The announcement of the closure has caused some customers to be “shocked”.

“Some of them come in to buy certain products, such as alcohol that aren’t easy to buy anywhere else,” Harry explained.

The store currently has a closing down sale on some items that are still available to purchase.