A “heinous” burglar has been jailed after a spree that involved a man in his 70s being stabbed with a screwdriver.

The Met, Herts Police, and Thames Valley Police worked together to bring Luke Connors to justice and were able to link 11 offences including a pair in Sarratt and Maple Cross.

The 23-year-old was jailed for nine years after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary and robbery after a two-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

Connors, of Attewood Road, Northolt, was found guilty on June 29 and sentenced on July 3 after the court heard how Connors was involved in a spate of burglaries between August 31 and October 28, last year.

The Met Police said that a man in his 70s had been on his way home from a pub in Ickenham, Greater London, when he spotted men in masks looking suspicious, on September 4, 2022.

The group followed his car to his home address and before entering the gang punched him, stabbed him with a screwdriver, and stole his dash-cam.

This led the force to identify the vehicle they had been using after residents came together and provided CCTV footage.

Ickenham Neighbourhood Watch called it a “dreadful assault” which “sent shock waves through our community”.

Watford Observer: Luke ConnorsLuke Connors (Image: Met Police)

Police built their evidence and established that each offence was linked based on the vehicles used and stolen items.

Stolen items were worth around £200,000 and included cash, jewellery, and high value items.

After reviewing “hours” of CCTV and ANPR data, detectives carried out surveillance and arrested Connors in Paddington Green on November 1.

Two other men were also arrested and charged and now await trial.

Detective Superintendent Simon Moring said: “Luke Connors committed violent burglaries in north and west London. By listening and working with residents we were able to investigate, detain and convict him for his heinous offences.”

Seven of the 11 linked offences were in London. One took place in Hornshill Road, Maple Cross, on October 3, and another was in The Green, Sarratt, on October 12.

There were also offences in Denham and High Wycombe.