A missing snake has been reunited with its owner after going missing for three days in South Oxhey.

Cornelia the corn snake escaped from her "secured" enclosure last Saturday, sparking the owner to appeal for help on social media.

He warned residents that if they see an orange and white snake, they shouldn’t be alarmed as she is harmless and not poisonous.

However, providing an update this afternoon (August 14), he said: “I have no idea how she escaped but I found her earlier today slithering in my back garden.”

Watford Observer:

He added that she lives in an enclosure in his house which is secured so she should not be able to escape.

Corn snakes are harmless to humans, can grow up to 150cm, and are one of the friendly breeds of snake.

They are common to keep as pets in the UK and can live up to 15 years, according to the RSPCA website.