Watford's MP has helped a 12-year-old boy get epilepsy protection online into law.

Zach Eagling, who has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, has been tirelessly campaigning for inclusion of protecting vulnerable disabled people online after he suffered an attack.

He was targeted online as hundreds of flashing images were sent to his mother’s Facebook inbox, after she posted his completed fundraiser for the Epilepsy Society.

The images were sent with the intention to trigger Zach to have a seizure.

Zach’s Law will be included in the Online Safety Bill, which was made into law yesterday, September 19.

Anyone who is caught posting flashing images with intent to trigger a seizure could face up to five years behind bars.

MP Dean Russell was a member of the committee which oversaw the bill, and campaigned for over two years alongside the Epilepsy Society and Zach’s family.

He said: "I am so proud of the role I have actively played in successfully campaigning for Zach’s Law to be included in the Online Safety Bill.

“I am so pleased to see, with my encouragement, that Zach’s Law is now included.”