A school playground’s revamp has finally been completed following a £100k donation from an anonymous organisation.

The six-figure sum was gifted to Stanborough Primary School in Appletree Walk, Garston.

Work started at the beginning of the summer holidays and the students, staff and parents are “absolutely thrilled” with the finished product.  

Watford Observer: Left: Five spins on the Daily Mile Track. Right: Hop scotch on the Daily Mile track.Left: Five spins on the Daily Mile Track. Right: Hop scotch on the Daily Mile track. (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

Headteacher Tiann Madden said: “Our new playground is now a vibrant hub of fun, learning, and adventure.

“The children, the heart and soul of our school, are revelling in the incredible features and designated zones that make our playground a truly amazing place.

Watford Observer: Left: Daily Mile Tack. Right: Daily Mile hoops for jumping.Left: Daily Mile Tack. Right: Daily Mile hoops for jumping. (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

“We are immensely grateful to our generous donors for making this dream a reality.”

The playground has been designed with a number of zones that cater to a wide range of interests and abilities.

Watford Observer: Football and basketball areas Football and basketball areas (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

Areas include places for peaceful contemplation, as well as target games that enhance hand-eye and foot coordination.

Watford Observer: The school's previous football pitch.The school's previous football pitch. (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

Mrs Madden said: “One highlight is our 'Daily Mile' track, a purposeful addition that goes beyond the ordinary.

Watford Observer: Ball and bean bag gamesBall and bean bag games (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

“Along this track, children can follow dots, leap on star jump spots, spin five times in designated areas, navigate wiggly foot lines, and enjoy a game of hopscotch.”

The Daily Mile has already been put to use and in September for National Fitness Day, seven circuits were set up that had everyone moving and enjoying all elements of the playground.

Watford Observer: Outdoor classroom tables Outdoor classroom tables (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

Stanborough Primary School is nestled within 40 acres of parkland and is surrounded by magnificent oak trees.

“However, with great acorns come great responsibilities,” said Mrs Madden.

Watford Observer: Street snooker gamesStreet snooker games (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

She added: “We are now in need of a garden hoover to keep the new playground acorn-free. It's a small price to pay for the privilege of having such beautiful trees as our companions.”

Watford Observer: Values wallValues wall (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

The £100k was donated to the school after the headteacher requested help for funding the project.

Watford Observer: Daily Mile fun trackDaily Mile fun track (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

While the school is aware of the mystery donator, the organisation has asked to be kept anonymous.

The work was carried out by Play Innovation.

Mrs Madden said: “They took the time to teach our children how to use the equipment safely and effectively, ensuring that our playground would not only be fun but also a place of learning and skill development.”