Sewage water has flowed down a residential road amid a months-long row over who should fix wrongly connected pipes.

Martin Boyd, who lives in Hogarth Court, Steeplands, Bushey, told the Watford Observer residents have now "had enough" of the sewage that has repeatedly appeared in their road since May.

Despite a period without the issue flaring up the “contaminated” water has started to emerge more regularly than ever and now from a manhole as well as the storm drains. The issue worsening has apparently meant he has seen Thames Water working in the road “almost every day”.

“The smell comes down the hill,” the 64-year-old said. “It smells like sewage, and I don’t understand how it’s been going on for so long.

It is understood the foul sewage system for the The Steeplands development, near the top of the hill, had wrongly been connected to Thames Water’s surface water network.

The water company has been forced to pump out excess sewage from its network on multiple occasions, particularly recently. Mr Boyd called this a "sticking plaster", as it will continue to become necessary until the root cause is fixed.

He added that the back-and-forth over who is responsible has been “like Groundhog Day”, seemingly with no resolution in sight.

Watford Observer: Sewage water at The Steeplands storm drain.Sewage water at The Steeplands storm drain. (Image: Martin Boyd)

“The sewage flows onto the pavement where adults, children, and dogs walk through it," he added. "We need this fixed once and for all."

Although Thames Water notified those involved with the development in May, it is understood that a new point of contact has more recently emerged.

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We are sorry to residents at Steeplands in Bushey who have experienced external sewage flooding close by.

"Our engineers investigated and discovered that the developers have connected Steeplands sewage pipes to Thames Water’s surface water network. 

Watford Observer: The sewage water has begun to flow from a manhole.The sewage water has begun to flow from a manhole. (Image: Martin Boyd)

“Our developer services team have been in touch with a private consultant, working on behalf of the site managing agent and owner, to address the situation.

"Our team are attending regularly to remove excess sewage from the area, but it is the responsibility of the site owner to fix the misconnection.”  

A spokesperson for Hertsmere Borough Council said: “Our Environmental Health team are in communication with Thames Water Authority who will inform us if enforcement action is required from our end.”

The Watford Observer has contacted the development owner for comment.

Watford Observer: Sewage water pooled in Steeplands.Sewage water pooled in Steeplands. (Image: Martin Boyd)