The front of a car has been smashed in following a crash in a residential area.

Police were called by the fire service just before 12.40pm on Sunday, October 15, to report of a damage-only crash in Little Oxhey Lane at the junction with Ilkley Road in South Oxhey.

It involved two vehicles, a silver Renault Clio and a blue Seat Ateca.

Watford Observer: The front of the silver Renault Clio was smashed in.The front of the silver Renault Clio was smashed in. (Image: Submitted)Both drivers remained at the scene, no injuries were reported, and recovery of the vehicles was completed by 2.30pm.

Watford Observer: Two police cars were seen at the crash site. Two police cars were seen at the crash site. (Image: Submitted)In pictures shared with the Watford Observer two police cars attended the scene and an estimated four officers.

People were also standing on the footpath near the crash.

ULEZ camera

In an unrelated incident a video shared on TikTok on October 13, showed the moment a protester allegedly threw an egg at a ULEZ surveillance van before running off.

The protest against the Ultra Low Emission Zone took place at Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, near Northwood Golf Club.

TikToker ‘MattHardyBladerunner’, who posts regular content of ULEZ protests in different parts of London, was recording a live video in Northwood as a hooded man was seen running up to the mobile ULEZ camera van parked on the road.

The voice behind the video could be heard saying: “It don't take a lot, people...

"Is he running up here, he’s not going to run into this van and disappear off is he?”

The hooded figure could be seen throwing something at the windscreen.

The voice continued: “Oh no, he just egged it” … “he’s just egged it all over the windscreen people.”

He added: “It’s set the alarm off by the looks of it” … “what a geezer”.