A primary school in Watford has been graded 'outstanding' after its first Ofsted inspection since joining an academy trust.

Holy Rood Catholic Primary School was given the highest mark after inspectors visited on September 20 and 21.

It joined the All Saints Catholic Academy Trust in 2019, at which point it was also 'outstanding'.

Watford Observer:

In the report, pupils were judged to “achieve very well” and benefit from “the rich and varied extra-curricular offer”. 

The school had its last inspection in 2011, with it maintaining the “high culture of expectations” and having a “relentless drive to ensure pupils’ safety and high achievement”.

Watford Observer:

Headteacher Emma Braund said: "It has been 12 years since our previous Ofsted inspection and I am incredibly proud to be the headteacher of this outstanding school community.

"I believe strongly that our school is rooted in love and respect, as well as our aim to achieve high standards and ambitious endpoints for every child, and I feel this shines through strongly in our inspection report."

Watford Observer:

Teachers were also described as having “positive” relationships with students and having a “collective drive to reflect on pupils’ needs and to seek advice about how best to help them”.

The school is part of the Archdiocese of Westminster, with older children given the opportunity to “hold discussions with various religious leaders”.

According to the report, “there is a palpable air of peace and kind-heartedness” across the school, with pupils showing “respect” to adults and peers in school.

The headteacher added: "We are a family here at Holy Rood where every child is valued and cared for by staff who give all they can, every day, to ensure that this is the case."

Pupils “achieve highly” in reading, with “very few pupils falling behind” in the reading programmes.

Watford Observer:

Bespoke support is offered to students with additional needs, with some receiving “tailor-made storybooks that achieve two goals”.

The attendance at the school is high with concerns confronted “head on” before poor habits “bed in”.

Mrs Braund added that she feels "privileged to be part of what we work so hard to do" and is "very happy" it was recognised by Ofsted inspectors.

The Catholic primary school is in Greenbank Road and offers places to boys and girls aged three to 11.