Watford's MP has launched a petition calling for a legally binding agreement over the Kytes Drive plans - but has stopped short of opposing them.

Anchor wants to knock down 56 bungalows near Garston, originally built for disabled war veterans, and build 150 new dwellings.

The developer insists all residents will have the right to return to a new property on the estate, and that it will "actively seek to prioritise future lettings for disabled people and veterans".

Amid a 1,600-strong petition opposing the plans, Watford MP Dean Russell raised the issue in Parliament and called for a legally binding covenant to ensure "Kytes Estate will continue to offer purpose-built and well-maintained accommodation for individuals over the age of 55, those with disabilities, veterans, and their families".

Bob Sparks, who launched the original petition, said: "Lots of people are excited about Dean mentioning it in Parliament but I am worried as it doesn't fulfil what we want. It needs to go further and he doesn't cover how many properties will be sold.

"He is the only person who has done anything for us so I am very grateful but more is needed definitely." 

Kytes Drive had previously been protected by a legally binding covenant and supported by a substantial grant from the Joint Committee of the Order of St John and the British Red Cross Society. 

Mr Russell said: “I am aware that Anchor Hanover has gone to great lengths to reassure local residents and have made it clear to me that they also share the intention to retain the original purpose of the estate.”

Residents opposing the plan have previously cited fears over the road losing its intended ethos, along with worries about the turmoil of forcing elderly people to move home in old age.

The MP added: “I am very grateful to all the residents who have contacted me on this important issue.

"It is paramount that the commitments for the long term are regularised in order to give residents peace of mind.

Watford Observer: Dean Russell met with residents to discuss the redevelopment of Kytes Drive. Dean Russell met with residents to discuss the redevelopment of Kytes Drive. (Image: Dean Russell)

“I hope that my presentation in Parliament will show how important this issue is to all involved and I urge Anchor Hanover to put a legally binding agreement in place as this is aligned to what they already said they would do.”

While fewer war veterans have lived in the 56 bungalows over the years, most of its residents are people with disabilities who rent from Anchor.