Locals still have time to have their say on where future developments could be built.

Three Rivers residents can put their views forward on the council’s preferred Lower Growth Housing Option within the Local Plan until Sunday, 10 December.

The following locations in Garston, Carpenders Park, Leavesden, and South Oxhey could see homes under the proposal.

Full consultation documents are available to view and comment on at: https://haveyoursay.threerivers.gov.uk/local-plan

Leavesden:Watford Observer: Hill Farm Industrial Estate Hill Farm Industrial Estate (Image: Google Street View)

Hill Farm Industrial Estate is currently used as a 0.13 hectare industrial estate but has been judged to have the capacity for 38 dwellings.

It is a brownfield site and an existing housing allocation location under the 2014 local plan. The document adds that open space and play space would be required.

Garston:Watford Observer: Land north of Bucknalls Lane from above.Land north of Bucknalls Lane from above. (Image: Google Street View)

A 5.8-hectare former golf course across the A405 from West Herts Crematorium, described as land north of Bucknalls Lane, is thought to have the capacity for 144 dwellings.

It is in the green belt and if allocated the boundary would have to be revised. 

Homes would need a 100-metre buffer distance from Waterdale Household Waste Recycling Centre to the north, it adds.

South Oxhey:

Watford Observer: Left: Woodhall lane garages. Top: Blackford Road garages. Bottom: Northwick Day Care CentreLeft: Woodhall lane garages. Top: Blackford Road garages. Bottom: Northwick Day Care Centre (Image: Google Street View)

Garages in Blackford Road have been given a dwelling capacity of seven. The site is brownfield and only 0.1 hectares.

Similarly, 0.09-hectare brownfield garages in Woodhall Lane has been given a six-dwelling capacity.

Another South Oxhey site, Northwick Day Care Centre in Northwick Road is 0.56 hectares and currently used as a day centre.

The dwelling capacity is given at 48 and it is a brownfield site. The day care centre itself would need to be relocated and provided elsewhere as part of any development.

Oxhey Hall:

Watford Observer: Left: Vivian Gardens. Right: The FairwayLeft: Vivian Gardens. Right: The Fairway (Image: Google Street View/Maps)

Vivian Gardens, is a 0.33 hectare brownfield site currently used for residential gardens. It has a capacity given as eight. Protected trees would need to be taken into account.

The Fairway, in Green Lane, is a residential care home site. The 0.35 hectare area could apparently hold 32 dwellings.

It was already adopted as a housing allocation in the 2014 local plan. Delivering the site would depend on an alternative mode of provision being made for the care home.