Watford got an honourable mention in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement this afternoon for its role in boosting the UK economy.

The town, "where of course the sun always shines", according to Jeremy Hunt, played a key role in the making of blockbuster film Barbie, which was filmed at Leavesden Studios.

The Chancellor said: “Our creative industries already support Europe’s largest film and TV sector, this year’s all-Californian blockbuster Barbie was filmed in the constituency of the honourable member for Watford.

“Where of course the sun always shines.”

The Autumn Statement has been delivered today to share updates on the country's budget and economic plans.

It has covered topics such as welfare, the NHS and tax changes.

Barbie has reportedly made more than $1.4 billion in the box office and has been one of the most watched films of the year.