Firefighters are expected to continue tackling a warehouse fire into the evening despite now scaling back the operation.

After being called to the scene just after 2pm, emergency services have been dealing with a blaze at a commercial building in Langley Wharf, Railway Terrace, Kings Langley.

Herts Fire and Rescue are still at the scene as of 5.15pm but are now scaling down the operation that saw 12 fire engines called to the area earlier in the afternoon.

There are multiple businesses operating within the larger Langley Wharf building, and it is not yet confirmed where the fire began, however it appears that the fire has been contained to one "warehouse" unit.

Watford Observer: The fire, in Langley Wharf.The fire, in Langley Wharf. (Image: Contribution)

Although firefighters are now hoping to let people back into their businesses as soon as possible, a fire service presence for damping down work is apparently likely to be needed well into the evening.

Herts Fire and Rescue has confirmed that everyone is accounted for, and the East of England Ambulance Service is also scaling back its presence after confirming no-one required medical treatment.

Watford Observer: Smoke rising from the fire in Langley Wharf, Kings Langley.Smoke rising from the fire in Langley Wharf, Kings Langley. (Image: Contribution)

Railway Terrace is currently closed in both directions, between the junction with Red Lion Lane and the junction with Toms Lane.

Herts Fire and Rescue advised locals affected by smoke from the fire “to keep their doors and windows closed".