A field is set to host with 75 solar panels after planning approval was granted despite initial green belt concerns.

Yesterday (February 1), Three Rivers District Council green-lit an application for land within the boundaries of Little Westwood House, in Bucks Hill, near Sarratt.

During the pre-application phase there had been concerns about the impact on the green belt, because the field is visible from the public realm. Although planting around the panels was initially proposed, this was not judged to be reliable as a screen.

Instead, the final plan proposed to create an earth mound between the ground-mounted panels and the road which will prevent them from being seen from the road, alongside the existing hedge.

This was deemed acceptable, leading to the plan being approved by the district council. It added conditions to the approval including that the panels must be removed, and the land restored to its former condition, within 12 months if they are no longer being used to general electricity.

Watford Observer: The fence would not be used and is set to be removed.The fence would not be used and is set to be removed. (Image: Google Street View)

According to the plan, the site is “low grade grassland” which has no current use.

Sarratt Parish Council commented on the plan saying it had “no objection on the basis that these panels will not be visible outside of the site, and we strongly support the increase in renewable energy sources”.