Ricky Gervais was well stocked for drinks when he visited the Watford area today.

The comedian shared a picture on social media platform X from his visit as part of one of his business ventures this morning (February 5).

He said: “Just dropped off 600 bottles of Dutch Barn Vodka at Costco in Watford. Always working.”

Gervais became a co-owner of Ellers Farm, which makes the vodka brand, after making a major investment in November last year.

The visit to the wholesaler in Hartspring Lane, Bushey, was to help the team unload a major order of the bottles, which he announced will soon be in Costco branches nationwide.

The Ellers Farm Distillery is based in North Yorkshire and launched its apple vodka Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka in 2022.

The Office co-creator shared a video announcing his co-ownership when he invested. He highlighted its great qualities and added “the best bit is this could literally make me hundreds of millions so please buy it”.

“Sure, like all strong liquor it may damage your liver and your wellbeing, but think how happy it would make me,” he joked.