A section of one of Watford’s major roads labelled “pothole city” is set to be resurfaced, but residents could face a year-long wait.

St Albans Road, from its junction with Leavesden Road to its junction with Balmoral Road, will be closed sometime after March 18 this year for full resurfacing, according to a Hertfordshire County Council order.

North Watford councillor Asif Khan and other local representatives have pushed for pothole fixes in the road and say the work is expected to take place between September this year and March next year.

The Labour councillor admitted he would rather the work could be done sooner but said the main thing is the county council has agreed to it and he is now pushing for a fixed start date.

Cllr Khan explained that the section set to close is the worst area of the road, describing it as “pothole city” and “really difficult to drive on”.

Watford Observer: Potholes in St Albans Road, Watford.Potholes in St Albans Road, Watford. (Image: Cllr Asif Khan)

“People’s cars are being damaged as they drive over them,” he added. “There have been constant complaints.”

Drainage works are also set to take place ahead of the resurfacing.

Watford Observer: Cllr Asif Khan and Cllr Dennis Watling in St Albans Road, Watford.Cllr Asif Khan and Cllr Dennis Watling in St Albans Road, Watford. (Image: Cllr Asif Khan)

As well as motorists, businesses in the road have apparently also complained to councillors due to the potholes looking “really poor” and hurting the overall street-scene.

Fellow Labour borough councillor Dennis Watling added: "After a long campaign I am glad that our main road is finally getting the care and attention required from the county council.

"The next stages now are working to get the connecting roads similar treatment."