An "inspirational" young campaigner met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in recognition for his work in combating online trolls who target people with epilepsy.

Zach Eagling, aged 12, visited No 10 Downing Street on Wednesday and received the Points of Light Award for his significant role in enabling the creation of a new law.

Zach's three-year-campaign began when he was just eight-years-old after he became the target of cyber bullies who used flashing images to trigger his epilepsy.

Zach, who has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, was targeted online as hundreds of flashing images were sent to his mother’s Facebook inbox, after she posted his completed fundraiser for the Epilepsy Society.

The images were sent with the intention to trigger Zach to have a seizure.

Zach Eagling said: "Going to Westminster to watch PMQs, meet the Prime Minister and take photos outside Number 10 was a dream come true.

"It has been an amazing campaign, and I am grateful to Suzanne and Dean for the huge amount of support they've given.

"I can't believe I have a law named after me.

" I'm pleased it has passed and that cruel online bullies will be brought to justice."

"Zach's Law", as it is now known, is a part of the Online Safety Act, enforced in October 2023.

The law seeks to protect epilepsy sufferers from online abuse.

This monumental achievement was the combined effort of Zach, his family, the Epilepsy Society, Dean Russell MP, Suzanne Webb MP, and others.

Dean Russell, MP for Watford, said: "I was delighted to arrange for Zach to receive his Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister, and for him and his family to visit Number 10.

"Zach is an inspiration to many and I wanted to thank him for being such a tremendously hard working and persistent campaigner.

"I enjoyed working with Zach, his family, The Epilepsy Society and Suzanne Webb MP.

"As MP’s we both pushed hard to ensure this Act came to pass.

"Seeing this become law was a very proud day for many, and will make such a difference to people living with epilepsy."