The Watford Observer recently asked what new establishments locals would most like to see open, resulting in a landslide victory for Home Bargains.

Following our recent article on 10 businesses confirmed or rumoured to be opening in Watford, we posted a question on Watford Observer's Facebook page asking local residents: "If you could pick just three to open, which would you choose?"

The response was an overwhelming demand for the discount retailer.

Merissa Paskin said: "We need home bargains, farm foods, heron foods we definitely do not need anymore chicken shops and nandos."

Sally Gaskell echoed these thoughts by saying: "We need a home bargains or farm foods don’t need anymore restaurants, coffee shops, bookies, a shop that caters for all is needed."

Rebecca Rickard, Pat Mulkerrin, Sarah Walker, and Noreen Summersgill all voiced their desire for the discount retailer.

Other suggestion included Donna Jones who called for Matalan.

Some locals suggested retailers that no longer have a presence in the UK and branched out to other requests for Watford.

Linda Archibald said: "Wish we could have C&A back" while Matt Cadman stated: "How’s about John Lewis and a decent nightclub?". 

There were still members of the local community who opposed the idea of opening yet more stores.

Phillip Crouch stated: "None, don't need anymore eating places or coffee shops.

"Also got enough mystery chicken establishments as it is in Watford."

Home Bargains had previously teased Watford shoppers to "watch this space", after revealing an interest in coming to the town. 

A spokesperson said: “Our position on opening a store in Watford remains the same. We are keen to open a store once the right opportunity is available to us.”

Atria Watford was previously asked whether it is actively trying to add Home Bargains to its offering, but a spokesperson said “we don’t ever comment on speculation regarding potential new tenants”.

Watford BID was also approached at the time, but chief executive Maria Manion voiced doubts over whether there were adequately-sized units available outside of atria.