The new name for the London Overground line to Watford Junction has divided opinion in Watford.

This morning (February 15), TfL announced that the Overground between London Euston and Watford Junction will be rebranded to the Lioness Line and represented by yellow parallel lines on maps by the end of the year.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said the name will “serve as a proud reminder” of the England women’s football team’s achievements.

Watford Observer: The new London Overground map.The new London Overground map. (Image: TfL)

He added: “I fully support the new names for London Overground lines.

“Renaming the Watford to Euston line as the Lioness Line honours the England women's football team's remarkable achievements, including those of hometown hero and record-breaker Kelly Smith.”

Other locals felt that the most important thing was giving it a name, as it helps people less familiar with the routes navigate the service – which has been described as a “mass of orange spaghetti” on maps.

Regular user Joshua Ellis, who moved to the Oxhey area from America, admitted “I don’t know anything about football being an American who doesn’t even like American football”, but was a fan of the change.

Watford Observer: Former Lioness Kelly Smith celebrates the team in Watford.Former Lioness Kelly Smith celebrates the team in Watford. (Image: Watford Borough Council)

“I think it’s cool that they are celebrating the women’s team and I think it’s a cool name, ‘Lioness’.”

It has not received unanimous support, however. Some Watford residents have said they would have preferred more recognition for the town to make it clearer where it goes.

“Watford Local Line”, “Yellow Brick Line”, and “Harlequin Line” were among the suggestions.

Another opinion, held by some Watford Observer readers, was that the new line names are “woke” or “pointless”.

The changes are estimated to cost £6.3 million, which will be paid for out of Sadiq Khan’s Greater London Authority budget, and many have questioned whether that money could have been put to better use improving the consistency of the services themselves.

Mayor Peter Taylor ran a poll on the issue this morning and, although there are a few hours left until voting closes, the overall verdict is a narrow win for the Lioness line.

So far, 53.8 per cent or responders like the new name while 46.2 per cent are against it.