Works to improve a “dangerous” junction are set to go ahead under road closure after cyclists were hospitalised in crashes there.

After “at least three cyclists” were hit by cars within a year at the junction of Water Lane and Lower High Street, in Watford, cyclists' group Spokes had called for change.

Funding for changes at the junction was confirmed in May last year, and campaigners have today (February 22) celebrated that “at last” a start date for the work has been agreed.

Lib Dem county councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, who pushed for the changes, said they “will make it a much safer junction especially for cyclists and pedestrians”.

Most drivers turning right into the one-way Lower High Street apparently ignore the stop line and do not look right because they do not realise that, although there is no oncoming traffic, they are moving through a cycle lane with bikes coming down the hill towards them.

Spokes said: “We have observed that 90% of drivers turning from Water Lane to go up the high street towards King Street do not stop at the stop line or look right before emerging.”

Work will take place between March 18 and April 12.

Watford Observer: Cllrs Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Aga Dychton and Rabi Martin at the current junction.Cllrs Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Aga Dychton and Rabi Martin at the current junction. (Image: Cllrs Stephen Giles-Medhurst)

According to One Network, a road closure by the junction in Water Lane is set to be in place from the start, while a closure in Lower High Street would only begin on April 3.

The permits allow for the roads to be closed at any time during those windows but most of the work will apparently take place at night, with the road open for most of the day.

The junction will be reduced to one lane and brought forward, widened pavement and STOP signs should slow down traffic, and added barriers will shield the cycle lane.

Widening the footway is also aimed at improving crossing safety for pedestrians.

Watford Observer: Plan for how the junction will look.Plan for how the junction will look. (Image: Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst/HCC)

Last year, Spokes chair Peter Jackson said he knew of “at least three cyclists being hit by cars there and numerous near-misses” at the junction.

Mr Jackson told the Watford Observer that he had personally ended up in hospital after a motorist hit him without looking and another cyclist had suffered serious injuries including spinal fractures in a crash.

The plan had received public support after consultation.