One of Watford’s tallest buildings recently topped out while another is on its way, but which are the biggest?

The title of Watford’s tallest building is liable to shift around with three recent contenders built at the same time.

The following buildings are all taller than either Abbey View or Munden View (17 floors each) in the Meriden Estate and reach more than 20 storeys.

Some are at their peak already while others are just on the way.

Cortland Cassiobury

Watford Observer: Cortland Cassiobury as it reached its peak.Cortland Cassiobury as it reached its peak. (Image: Newsquest)

The Ascot Road 24-storey tower hit its peak near the end of 2022 and it is just one part of the wider Cortland Cassiobury development.

Residents have been moved into its 135 built to rent homes making the tower the tallest completed building in the town.

The Clarendon

Watford Observer: The Clarendon.The Clarendon. (Image: Newsquest)

After topping out in January, The Clarendon by the Leonardo Hotel Watford (formerly Jurys Inn) reaches 25 floors.

It features 168 new homes as well as office space.

It is currently the tallest building in Watford by storeys, although it is not yet a completed job.

The Eight Gardens

Watford Observer: The Eight Gardens in February 2024.The Eight Gardens in February 2024. (Image: Newsquest)Forming a few entries in one, the Eight Gardens development in St Albans Road includes an under construction 28-storey tower.

Once complete, that will be the new tallest building in Watford.

Alongside it, there will either be four or five other blocks reaching 20 or more storeys, depending if a proposal to add more floors to two buildings is accepted.

Watford Observer: The Eight Gardens in February 2024.The Eight Gardens in February 2024. (Image: Newsquest)If the change is approved, a 24-storey tower will also be in-amongst the town’s great heights.

Otherwise, it will be one of two 22-storey towers at the site and what could be a 20-storey building will be just 14.

The scheme will provide 1,265 homes on the former The Range and TK Maxx site.

Former TJX building

Watford Observer: CGI of the tower including the 24 storey element.CGI of the tower including the 24 storey element.

Another building that could come close but not quite make the cut is a proposal for the former TJX site in Clarendon Road.

Permission for 247-homes and office space in a building that reaches 24 storeys at its peak was granted after appeal, but the developer is hoping to get permission for some tweaks (which would not change the height) next week before work gets underway.