A “horrible” mound of rubbish that built up over months has finally been cleared after taking two goes.

The bins at the back of the Cother Arms, which are for the flats above and not used by the pub, built up into a disgusting tip until they were cleared in October - but then the same thing happened again.

After months of build-up festered even more, the waste has been removed again over Monday and Tuesday (March 25/26).

Watford Observer: The bins being cleared.The bins being cleared. (Image: Cllr Dennis Watling)

Landlady Tanya Bunting said: “I’m really, really pleased it is cleared. It looks so much better, and it smells much better.

“I’m just hoping they continue to empty them on a regular basis.”

The Cother Arms had been forced to start re-bagging waste that foxes appeared to have got at and using a hose to clear maggots, because rubbish ended up strewn beyond the bin area, despite them not belonging to the pub.

Watford Observer: The bin storage area earlier this month.The bin storage area earlier this month. (Image: Tanya Bunting)

Tanya had described the bin storage area as “just horrible” and an “eyesore”.

When the Watford Observer contacted the managing agent for the flats, on March 7, it said the freeholder had been in contact with Watford Borough Council and a collection had been arranged.

The council confirmed the freeholder was getting a quote for the removal of all waste going forward and arranging for the bin area to be made secure.

In the end, getting the waste cleared turned out to be a harder job than initially thought.

Watford Observer: The bin area in October last year.The bin area in October last year. (Image: Submitted)

The workers who came to clear it on Monday loaded some of the black bins and took them away on their truck, but apparently told pub staff they “hadn’t quite realised what a big job it was”.

Returning yesterday, they were able to clear up the whole area.

Callowland ward councillor Dennis Watling, who had been pushing for the issue to be resolved, said: “I’m glad it’s finally been cleared and hopefully moving forward the owner will be working with officers to ensure this doesn’t happen again, as it’s the second time its happened in a couple of months.”