Over 60 residents have objected to plans to demolish a large house and build four more by a Cassiobury Park entrance.

The proposal, added to the Watford Borough Council planning portal on May 10, covers the detached house to the right of the entrance in Coningesby Drive and its “exceptionally generous” garden plot.

According to the application, the existing property does not fit with the surrounding homes and demolishing it would enable a new development “that better harmonises with neighbouring properties”.

The new building would then also accommodate a small access road leading to three additional properties to the rear. However, the applicant said it is open to discussion over widening this road and combining it with the existing service road for the park.

Watford Observer: Drawing showing the proposed site layout.Drawing showing the proposed site layout. (Image: ES Architecture/ Watford Borough Council Planning Portal)

Some Cassiobury Estate residents fear that allowing the development would “open the floodgates” for more housebuilding which they claim could damage the charm of the area.

The 64 objections also raise concerns around oversubscribed schools, busy nearby junctions, and potential dangers of the proposed driveway crossing a stretch of kerb right next to a busy park entrance.

Watford Observer: The site from above.The site from above. (Image: Google Maps/Canva)

Each house would have one parking space on site, in line with Watford design guidelines, but some respondents also worried that this could increase demand for on-street parking if households have more.

Many also highlighted “overdevelopment” clashing with the local covenant for the Cassiobury Estate, which stipulates “one dwelling house is allowed per single plot”. Watford Borough Council has stated that private covenants are not material planning issues when considering previous plans for the area.

Meanwhile, application documents highlight how the proposal helps address the high demand for family homes in Watford by “utilising limited available land more efficiently”.

It says it has considered the existing context and impact on neighbouring properties when creating a design that still offers optimal living conditions and ample garden space.

The design of the properties has apparently drawn inspiration from the surrounding area. There would be two five-bedroom homes, a three-bedroom house, and a four-bedroom house.

The proposal is currently pending Watford Borough Council consideration.