There are delays as a road has been closed in one direction after a gas escape.

Scots Hill is shut westbound between Scots Hill Close and Chalmers Court, by the entrance to Rickmansworth School, while Cadent carries out utility repair and maintenance.

The work began this morning (May 25) and is expected to continue tomorrow and on Monday (May 27).

Google Maps’ live traffic information has shown congestion throughout this morning and motorists have reported short trips taking as long as half an hour as a result of the closure, on social media.

The pavement is not blocked.

There was “gridlock” traffic along the same stretch of Scots Hill earlier this month as Affinity Water installed multi-way temporary traffic signals for essential maintenance.

A fire hydrant cover required repairs.

Clive Way 

Clive Way, in Watford, is set to close from 10pm until 5am today to allow a construction company to install surface water connections to a new manhole.

The night closures are set to continue until the morning of June 7.