Assaulting staff and a spree of thefts from atria stores have seen a Watford man jailed.

Herts Police were alerted that a man had gone into the shopping centre’s Next, selected two gift sets and made off without making any attempt to pay on May 30.

This was swiftly followed by another report, on June 2, that someone had entered Victoria’s Secret and picked up a fragrance set.

A member of staff challenged the man, who then pushed his way out of the shop and left without paying. After the worker chased him down and recovered the items, they were assaulted by the suspect.

Jordan Clark.Jordan Clark. (Image: Herts Police)

Just two days later, another report came in after goods worth £255.50 were taken from the atria Watford Boots, without any attempt to pay.

Jordan Clark, of Charter Place, was arrested yesterday (June 10) and charged with three counts of theft from shops and one count of assault.

The 25-year-old admitted to the offences in court this morning. He was jailed for four weeks and ordered to pay £50 in compensation.

James Anderson:

On June 4, Herts Police received a separate report that a man had gone into Hollister and grabbed multiple T-shirts and left without making any attempt to pay.

The force investigated and arrested a suspect yesterday afternoon.

James Anderson, 37, of Charter Place in Watford, was charged with theft and remanded to appear before court this morning (June 11).

He pleaded guilty and was given a four-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. He must pay £234 in compensation.

Inspector Dan Jones said: “I hope these results provide reassurance to both businesses and residents that we take all reports of theft seriously.

“This type of behaviour is unacceptable, and we will continue to target this kind of activity.

“We will carry on working closely with businesses to deter criminals and ensure we continue to have a regular presence in the town centre.”