There have been changes of head coach at Watford before in the last decade. Many of them.

However, on virtually all previous occasions they have been met with mild discontent at worst and often fans have agreed fully.

But Monday’s departure of Rob Edwards has produced a vitriolic reaction. Supporters, declaring they have lost all interest, feel totally detached and do not recognise the Watford FC they see before them.

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Of course, there are some fans who are in full agreement with the move to replace Edwards with former West Ham boss Slaven Bilic, and feel no need to question the actions of the club’s owner Gino Pozzo. They are in the minority though.

The anger of those who vehemently disagree is not down to results on the pitch, it’s the apparent back-tracking on a change in culture and approach that was so loudly heralded in the summer.

The Hornets have reverted to type, the ‘hire-and-fire’ approach so often ridiculed. But why? What’s the plan? What comes next?

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Mr Pozzo has not given an interview in 10 years – surely the fans are worth more than just a three-paragraph statement this time? We’re not Pozzo Out – we’re Pozzo Talk.