Anthony Joshua returned to the Meriden estate as he was grilled for the new series of Louis Theroux Interviews.

The BBC has today (September 20) announced the full line-up of six celebrities that the journalist and broadcaster will meet on the second series of his latest show filmed "from New York to Normandy”.

The episode taking top billing, however, was filmed in Watford and North London. According to a description shared by the BBC today: “Louis comes face to face with two-time world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, at his local boxing gym in North London.

“Against the backdrop of AJ’s fight with American boxer Jermaine Franklin, Louis explores his success, set-backs and his sporting motivations, as well as spending time together in the Watford estate in which AJ was raised.”

Watford Observer: Louis Theroux and Anthony Joshua at Finchley Boxing Club.Louis Theroux and Anthony Joshua at Finchley Boxing Club. (Image: BBC/Ryan McNamara)

The boxer grew up in the Meriden Estate and has made several recent visits.

Promoting the new series, Louis Theroux said: "Like the first six Louis Theroux Interviews, each show mixes stylish master interviews with behind-the-scenes moments and actuality shot on location, so viewers have the double pleasure of a thoughtful in-depth conversation alongside a revealing look into the lives of the contributors.”

The programme, set to air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer later this year, also features interviews with Ashley Walters, Chelsea Manning, Joan Collins, Pete Doherty, and Raye.